April 2016

Abs Pic

Why Working the “Core” is a Sales Pitch

You here it from trainers, coaches, PT’s, doctors etc…”I am going to give you some “core” exercises or you need to work your core.” Just before having my spine surgery the doctor told me I needed to work my “core” to support my back. I had a 450 lbs one rep max deadlift and could […] Read more

Brain Fitness Mindset

Fitness as a Mindset…

While coaching this week, I had the occasion to talk with members/athletes about their concepts of fitness. Like most of us do, we usually compartmentalize our thoughts based on the specific genre or subject matter that the thought pertains and relates to. I challenged our members today to think beyond the workout, the bar being […] Read more

Elk Fighting

Elk Antler Velvet & Bullish Claims

I’ll be the first to admit that I wish there were some magic pill or creme that would revolutionize the masters athlete’s ability to train, recover and adapt. Recently, I had several athletes ask me about Deer or Elk Antler Velvet and what I thought about it. My general answer to any question surrounding supplements […] Read more

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STRENGTH is the Masters Athlete’s #1 Ally

Photo courtesy of Willie Villareal I don’t care what anyone else tells you, if you are a masters athlete in any sport or endeavor, building STRENGTH should be your number one goal! We now know more than ever that building strength and increasing muscle mass should be the primary goal of every master’s fitness program. […] Read more