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If you’re looking for all things Masters fitness…you have found the right resource! The 40fit Radio Podcast discusses all things fitness based on evidence, content experts and the community at large for masters aged individuals…

Meet the Hosts

Darin Deaton

The founder of 40fit and the 40fit Radio podcast, Darin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy,Barbell Logic Online Coaching, USAW Sports Performance Coach and Certified Trainer. He has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness space and brings evidenced based, sustainable, practical solutions to the masters community.

Trent Jones

Trent is an avid strength training follower and producer of all things creative and musical. Trent produces all of the creative elements of the podcast and is the genius behind the music and sound. He is working toward his Starting Strength Coach certificate and interns with Starting Strength Online Coaching. He is also a regular lifting competitor in the USSF and has qualified for Nationals.

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Most Recent Radio Podcast

#114 – Masters Programming: Volume vs Intensity for Longevity

The last episode of 2020! Thanks for tuning in, and we look forward to keeping the conversation about health and fitness going in the New Year.


In today’s episode, Coach D and Coach Trent discuss the concept of selecting appropriate volume and intensity for a Masters athlete. These are two of the main programming variables, and all athletes need a blend of intensity (heavy-ness) and […]

Start from the beginning

#41 – Why So (Up)Tight? Developing Mobility and Flexibility for Life

In episode #5 we discussed one of the ten general physical skills: flexibility, and it’s analog mobility. Most people believe that they are not flexible enough, that they need more mobility, and the path to acquiring it lies in a gauntlet of contortionism. Or yoga. How much flexibility and mobility do we really […]

#42 – Strong Shoulders Pt. 1: The Anatomy of A Strong Shoulder

After lower back pain, shoulder issues might just be the most common form of injury and aches and pains experienced in the gym and on the field. When you consider the anatomy and physiology of this complex joint, it’s no surprise. The shoulder is a somewhat delicate ball-and-socket joint, loosely slung by a […]

#43 – Strong Shoulders Pt. 2: Common Injuries

Coach D and Trent are back with Part 2 in the Strong Shoulders series discussing common injuries of the shoulder, how they occur, and what tissues are affected. Most active people have met someone — or have experience themselves — with a shoulder injury. They are particularly common in sports where a large […]

#44 – Strong Shoulders Pt. 3: Exercises and Interventions

Coach D and Trent wrap up their series on the shoulder joint with a discussion on interventions and exercises for treating shoulder injuries, shoulder pain, and for developing general shoulder health. Coach D outlines some basic principles for shoulder treatment: the importance of a proper diagnosis, your pain doesn’t have to be totally […]

#46 – What Is Your Why? Finding Your Motivation for Fitness

Coach D and Trent discuss their motivations for training and living a healthy lifestyle, as well as what draws people to the gym. Most people understandably begin their fitness journey out of a desire to look better in the mirror, to “look good naked” as Darin likes to say. This is a fine […]

#48 – Ladies Night at Fort Worth Strength

Coach D talks to the ladies of Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning today about their experience strength training with barbells. The ladies train in their own class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, and they bring it every time. There is a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and experience in the class, but […]

#49 – Stop Wasting Time in the Gym!

Coach Darin and Trent talk about time wasters in the gym, and why (how) you should stop doing them! Everyone is “busy” these days, but we know some very busy people that still make time to train 3 days a week. The key is being intentional with your training, and avoiding some common […]

#50 – Training Through Adversity: A Pep Talk

Fifty episodes in the BOOKS!! Thanks for sticking with us so far, sharing your challenges and successes with us, and walking this fitness journey with us. Today Coach D and Coach Trent have a little pep talk about training through adversity. It’s a word that coaches throw around a lot, and it’s kinda […]

#51 – Tweaks, Pops, and Pulls: How to Train Through Injuries

As we discussed in Episode #14, life occasionally decides to deload you. It happens in a variety of ways: schedule changes, crazy workloads, moving, or perhaps an injury. Some of these road blocks are just that — temporary setbacks in training — and we do our best to train through them, albeit at […]

#52 – Posture & Aging: Can We Change Our Posture?

We’ve all heard them all before, so often that they stick with us even today. Fix your posture! Shoulders back! Stand up straight! Stern motherly commands reminding us of our postural deficiencies and exhorting us to repair them. This assumes poor posture is a choice, however, and that posture can be changed. Coach […]

#53 – Using Strength Training to Fight Cognitive Decline with Dr. David Puder

Dr. David Puder, a psychiatrist and fellow barbell enthusiast, joins Coach D and Trent today to talk about the research connecting strength training to better sensorium (cognitive function) and reduced cognitive decline in older populations.


Dr. Puder runs an excellent podcast on psychiatry, psychotherapy, […]

#56 – Rest & The Digital Detox

Last week we discussed the importance of work — especially physicalwork — and it’s impact on the mind and body. This week is a 180; we’re talking about rest. Now, when we discuss training we often talk about recovery in terms of food and sleep. Sleep is a […]

#57 – How To Manage An Injury: A Case Study

It’s a busy time of year at the Deaton ranch, with tons of hay waiting to be bailed, barns being built, and horses needing to be worked. Recently, while working out a small gelding in the arena, Darin got bucked and — because he was using an unfamiliar saddle — was unable to […]

#58 – All About CONDITIONING

Coach D and Coach Trent dive into the nuts and bolts of conditioning in today’s episode. Conditioning Conceptswas one of the foundational episodes at the beginning of the podcast, explaining the metabolic pathways or energy systems of the body, and how they fuel different types of activity. Today’s show details the nuts and […]

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