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ON-SITE COACHING & TRAINING – Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning – Keller, Texas – A Starting Strength Gym

  • On-Site 1:1 Personal Coaching & Training – from beginners to masters, we provide training to meet the fitness needs of our clients. The schedule is very limited for these time slots, so contact us for more info! (125.00 hr)
  • On-Site Group Coaching & Training – from beginners to elite masters, we provide small group training on a 1:3, 1:6 basis to promote a more cost conscious, but very effective approach, to fitness. Masters join our gym as clients, work together as a group and are provided the best in fitness and community. Contact us for pricing! *

Darin Coaching Squat


  • Start-Up 1:1 Starting Strength Barbell Coaching & Training (provided only by SSC) – utilizing the Starting Strength Barbell Training model, the trainee is taught the squat, press, deadlift, bench press and eventually power clean and other accessory exercises. The Start-Up package includes a 2 hour coaching session, setting the working loads for lifts, 30 days of follow-up and programming and one video review per week of the last working set of the lifts. (275.00)
  • Body Composition Analysis – Body Composition Testing in the Dallas-Fort Worth and other select areas using skin caliper testing (25.00) FREE to member clients of Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning
  • Nutrition Macro Coaching – Remote and onsite nutrition planning and coaching to meet specific health, weight loss, weight gain, fitness and performance needs. Macro calculation, basic food/meal design (125.00 for 1 session and 30 days of follow up) *Included in group membership classes for clients at Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning.





  • Remote/Online Coaching & Training – For those who are not local to DFW, we provide programming and coaching similar to our onsite services through Starting Strength Online Coaching (provided only by SSC)
    • Barbell strength training offered as the foundation of general fitness
    • Endurance, Conditioning and Skill training offered for endurance, CrossFit athletes or to increase general physical preparedness
    • Nutrition Macro Coaching

* All coaching is billed before or at the time of service. For online coaching, there is a 3 month minimum agreement and the client is billed through auto-pay monthly.

Programming – programming for master’s whether for fitness, competitive or elite capacity is based on combining Strength, Mobility, Conditioning and the acquisition of skill, masters are promoted to achieve their desired level of fitness to support sustainable results, performance and quality of life. Developing a “foundations” approach of these conjugates is key to supporting the 10 general physical skills. Combining this also with cognitive, emotional and spiritual growth, master’s are challenged to reach to a level of personal development not previously attained.