We offer the following services to support the fitness of master’s athletes. Please contact us for fee questions.

  • Remote/Online Coaching & Training – remote fitness analysis, programming and coaching
    • Barbell Strength Training offered as the foundation of fitness
    • Endurance Training offered for endurance athletes or to increase general physical preparedness
    • Skill/Mobility work offered to provide a foundation of movement skills and increase to higher levels for CrossFit, general fitness or sport (150.00 for start-up & 30 days, 100.00 month after initial 30 days)
  • On-Site Personal Coaching & Training – from beginners to elite athletes (must be located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and able to travel to Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning)  (100.00 hr)
  • Movement Performance Screening – remote or onsite movement performance screen to address mobility/movement deficiencies (100.00)
  • Body Composition Analysis – Body Composition Testing in the Dallas-Fort Worth and other select areas using skin caliper testing (25.00)
  • Fitness Performance Analysis – This service combines the Movement Performance Screen, Body Composition Analysis, Master’s Performance Survey, and a Corrective Plan. Fix nagging performance issues or deficiencies that have been resistant to change. (150.00 for 30 days)
  • Nutrition Macro Coaching – Remote and onsite nutrition planning and coaching to meet specific health, weight loss, fitness and performance needs. (75.00 for 1 session and 30 days of follow up)

* All coaching is billed before or at the time of service. For online coaching, there is a 3 month minimum agreement and the client is billed through auto-pay monthly.

Programming – programming for master’s whether for fitness, competitive or elite capacity is based on a conjugate system. Combining Strength, Mobility, Conditioning and the acquisition of skill, masters are promoted to achieve their desired level of fitness to support sustainable results, performance and quality of life. Developing a “Pillar” approach of these conjugates is key to supporting the 10 general physical skills. Combining this also with cognitive, emotional and spiritual growth, master’s are challenged to reach to a level of personal development not previously attained.