FORTIFY – Masters Training Seminar Series – South Florida CrossFit

January 9, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – January 10, 2015 @ 4:00 pm
South Florida CrossFit
5150 Southwest 48th Street #614
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
FORTIFY - Masters Training Seminar Series - South Florida CrossFit @ South Florida CrossFit  | Fort Lauderdale | Florida | United States
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The FIRST Masters Training Seminar Series of its kind, Fortify, is designed to equip the masters athlete with the knowledge, insights, and interventions needed to develop sustainable lifestyle and fitness. Come enjoy the comraderie, learning, and experience of being with other masters athletes and sharing like minded ideas and fitness concepts. Information and pragmatic teaching with hands-on training will be provided to meet the needs of the fitness/recreational, competitive or elite masters athlete. This is the first event of its type and promises to be an incredible experience!

Date & Location: September 12th 6:00pm-9pm, September 13th 8am-4:00pm
Lecture and Practical Content:
The Masters Athlete in Life
Aging and the Masters Athlete
Hormones and metabolism changes
Aging, performance, and the 10 general physical skills
Guiding Principles to training the Masters Athlete
Programming CrossFit and Fitness for the Masters Athlete
Mastering Mobility Above and Below the Hinge
Nutrition and Supplements for the Masters Athlete
Risk Factors, Overtraining, Recovery & Prevention
Sustainability and Training

Each participant will also receive:
– Mobility/Movement Screen and Corrections
– 40fit Fortified T-Shirt
– Performance Analysis
– Body Composition/Fat Analysis

Group WOD to be performed on Day 2
When you leave this seminar series, you will have the tools necessary to perform basic training specific to your needs and how to support your health and fitness with sustainable training. This will be the first seminar of this type! Prior to the seminar, each participant will fill out a performance evaluation, lifestyle goal inventory.

Hotel Accomodations: Contact South Florida CrossFit for local hotel accomodations

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