Darin Deaton

Day 25
W-dynamic warm-up and mobility before the WOD, spend 5 min working on rowing technique with proper hip drive and active back posturing
S-Back squat & Shoulder Press 3×5 increase 5# on BS and 2-5# on shoulder press from the last visit.
C-5 rounds for time of Wall ball sit-ups 20 reps 20/14#, 20 mountain climbers(both legs up and back counts as 1 rep), 10 reps(5 ea leg) splits squats 35#/25# KB in each hand. Split squats are done with 1 leg on the ground and the other leg up behind on a 12″ box, then squat on the front leg hip crease to below the top of the knee.
M-continue to work on most limited movement pattern with 2-3 stretches