Darin Deaton

Day 32
W-wamr-up with dynamic mobility and 1000 meter row before training. Also, do ARE squat warm-up. Awareness-squat 1×10 heels on plates 10 sec pause at the very bottom, Reality-1×10 no plates the same, Exaggeration-1×10 plates under toes the same.
S-BS and SP 3×5 add 5# and 2-5# respectively
C-3 interval sets for time of; Front squat 10 reps @ 60% of 1 RM, box jumps 15 reps 24/20, step-ups 15 reps 24/20. Rest as needed between sets 2-3 min for recovery. Rest. 100 WB sit-ups for time.
M-you know!