Darin Deaton

We are almost done with 8 weeks!

Day 49

W-dynamic warm-up before the WOD, perform ARE squat warm-up (refer to previous WOD’s for info), shoulder mobility and warm-up
S-BS and SP 3×5 add 5# and 2-5# respectively (loads may be unable to be performed at these levels for 3×5 now, if so, de-load to the previous weight and perform sets/reps there)
C-Three rounds for time of; run 400 meters then perform 3 reps of bear complexes 135/95. (1 single rep is power clean, front squat, press, back squat, press, return to ground) repeat with touch and go for 3 reps (push press can be used for press movement)
M-continue with working your most limited movement patterns (no more than 2)