I am 43 and am training at a box under the head coach in the general population, however, said coach also programs just for my goals. I plan going to regionals in 2 years. three days a week i go into oopen gym and he has my specific weakness training plus i have homework also. he gives instructions to a class and then will give me 10 seconds specific what he wants me to do with the wod, ie gaming, strategy, scaling etc. I compete and have been really successful locally and plan on taking it a little further in the next few months. For me to get outside programming would almost be impossible. i have discussed this with coach and bascially he offered me the same service as part of my already monthly fee. he knows me from the first day i started several years ago and has not only become a good friend, but can coach me from a distance with nothing but a glance or a wink i know what he wants of me. I do believe there is a market however, for people that are not forunate enough as me to get this service. particularly in australia :) i hope my feedback helps your cause.