Darin Deaton

Athletes can continue to do their box programming this week. Our goal this week is to establish 1RM of the back squat, deadlift, shoulder press, front squat and power clean. The strength cycle will be based on the baseline pure strength values of these movements. This specific application of % loads will produce the most individualized programming for strengthening and combined with more generally applied conditioning training.

Fitness level training athletes should consider a 3-4 x week training model, competitive/recreational athletes 4-5 x week for strength training.

The number of days per week that you train will determine how many strength training sessions per week you will perform.


3 x week training every other day


4 x week training

Mon-BS/SP Tues-DL Wed-FS Thurs-Off Fri-BS/SP

5 x week training

Mon-BS/SP Tues-DL Wed-FS Thurs-Off Fri-BS/SP Sat-FS/DL

Whether an athlete decides to do 3, 4, 5 or even more days per week, the design of the training frequency can be based on athlete need for recovery and scheduling. Athletes can choose 2 on/1 off, 3 on/1 off, 4 on/2 off, 3 on/1 off-2 on/1 off, etc…

Conditioning will be performed on the same days as strength training and will be simply broken down into, Short interval met cons(SIMC), Short met cons (SMC), Longer met cons (LMC), and on occasion chipper style workouts. Met cons can be a singlet, couplet or triplet or chipper. Conditioning workouts should not affect strength recovery and if strength workout recovery is being compromised, conditioning has to be adjusted.

So, after you have read the Masters Basic Programming Blog, step 2, find your 1 RM for the movements listed above. Decide on your schedule and how strength workouts will be performed.

We will be posting on a 5 day per week schedule Mon-on, Tues-on, Wed-on, Thurs-off, Fri-on, Sat-on. But if you are a 3-4 or even 5-6 day a week athlete with a different schedule, just do the next workout for strength that is in the frequency you have chosen per week.

Coach D