Darin Deaton

Day 11

W-dynamic warm-up before the WOD
S-Back Squat and Shoulder Press 3×5 add 5# to BS and 2-5# to shoulder press. Starting loads for each of these movements were at 55% of the 1 RM.
C-Death by 10 meters. EMOM run 10 meters and add 10 more each minute. When you complete the number of meters for that minute, you get to rest until the next minute starts. Go as deep as possible into the minutes. For example, 1 min-10 meters, 2 min-20 meters, 3 min-30 meters, etc….
5 min ARMAP of; 4 strict pull-ups (or for scaling the hardest band possible), 6 HSPU or elevated/inclined push-ups or overhead dumbbell presses (heavier)
M-yes, you got it, work your most limited movement pattern