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    Darin Deaton

    First, read the blog on Masters Basic Programming. The first thing any athlete must do is learn! That’s right, learn! My goal has never been to string you along but to educate you so that your knowledge empowers your fitness, performance, quality of life and others. Read the blog!

    Also, whether you are a fitness, recreational/competitive or elite athlete. The desired outcome determines the input. Assumably, if you are an elite athlete, you’re probably not following my programming here but either I coach you directly or you have a coach.

    Decide how many days per week you have to train, 3x, 4x, 5x, or more. If you are a masters athlete, training more than 5x per week can be done, but it better be done right!

    Next, you will be performing 3-4 barbell lifts per week to establish a strength foundation to build on, back squat, shoulder press, deadliest, and power clean. We can also throw front squats in there.

    More to come!

    Coach D



    Bring it!



    Doing Masters at War comp this Saturday, so I’ll start next week. Been waiting for this!



    Darin do u still intend to post something today?

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    Eagerly awaiting your programming!


    Darin Deaton

    Athletes can continue to do their box programming this week. Our goal this week is to establish 1RM of the back squat, deadlift, shoulder press, front squat and power clean. The strength cycle will be based on the baseline pure strength values of these movements. This specific application of % loads will produce the most individualized programming for strengthening and combined with more generally applied conditioning training.

    Fitness level training athletes should consider a 3-4 x week training model, competitive/recreational athletes 4-5 x week for strength training.

    The number of days per week that you train will determine how many strength training sessions per week you will perform.


    3 x week training every other day

    Mon-BS/SP Wed-DL/FS Fri-BS/SP

    4 x week training

    Mon-BS/SP Tues-DL Wed-FS Thurs-Off Fri-BS/SP

    5 x week training

    Mon-BS/SP Tues-DL Wed-FS Thurs-Off Fri-BS/SP Sat-FS/DL

    Whether an athlete decides to do 3, 4, 5 or even more days per week, the design of the training frequency can be based on athlete need for recovery and scheduling. Athletes can choose 2 on/1 off, 3 on/1 off, 4 on/2 off, 3 on/1 off-2 on/1 off, etc…

    Conditioning will be performed on the same days as strength training and will be simply broken down into, Short interval met cons(SIMC), Short met cons (SMC), Longer met cons (LMC), and on occasion chipper style workouts. Met cons can be a singlet, couplet or triplet or chipper. Conditioning workouts should not affect strength recovery and if strength workout recovery is being compromised, conditioning has to be adjusted.

    So, after you have read the Masters Basic Programming Blog, step 2, find your 1 RM for the movements listed above. Decide on your schedule and how strength workouts will be performed.

    We will be posting on a 5 day per week schedule Mon-on, Tues-on, Wed-on, Thurs-off, Fri-on, Sat-on. But if you are a 3-4 or even 5-6 day a week athlete with a different schedule, just do the next workout for strength that is in the frequency you have chosen per week.

    Coach D



    When you say “shoulder press”, are these strict press or push press?


    Darin Deaton

    Strict Press


    Darin Deaton

    Day 1 Masters Basic Programming 8 week cycle:

    Each day of training will consists of Warm-Up(W), skill(intermittent)(Sk), Strength(S), Conditioning(C) and mobility(M) components. It’s that simple. I will program on a 5 day a week training model, 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off. If you do otherwise, just match the work to your schedule. See the thread above for training structure.

    W-Dynamic warm-up before the WOD (adequately warm-up the target areas for training)
    Sk – practice DU’s for 5 min
    S – DL @ 55% of 1 RM 3×5
    C – AMRAP in 2×5 min, 2 min rest between sets of thrusters 95/65 lbs 10 reps, pull-ups 10 reps
    M – choose one area of mobility deficiency and perform 2-3 stretches for that area. Also do this one other time in the day.

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    Thanks Darin!!!!


    Darin Deaton

    Day 2

    W-warm-up before the WOD using above the hinge mobility techniques. Refer to youtube video.
    Sk-work on snatch grip positioning and overhead receiving by doing snatch from the pockets, hang, and below the knee 10 reps each with PVC, maintain flat back angle.
    S-Front squat 3×5 @ 55% of 1 RM
    C-Four rounds for time of;
    Row 500 meters, DU’s 25 reps, WB 25 reps 20/14.
    M-same mobility to area worked on Day 1


    Darin Deaton

    Day 3

    W-warm-up before the WOD using dynamic warm-up
    Sk-Turkish get ups with light enough weight to practice an active shoulder, ear to head and arm fully extended to the ceiling 3×3 ea arm
    WL-3 position cleans – floor,hang,pockets 5x1x1x1 @ 65,70,72,75,78%
    C-6x200m sprints full recovery between sprints (heart rate < 60% Maxmimum heart rate) 220-age x .60


    Darin Deaton

    Day 4

    W-warm up before the WOD with dynamic warm-up
    S-Back squat & Press 3×5 @ 60% of 1 RM Focus on technique and full ROM
    C-“Helen” – 3 rounds for time of, 400 meter run, 21 KB swings 1.5/1 pd, 12 pull-ups for time.
    M-same as previous day focusing on 2-3 stretches on the least mobile area


    Darin Deaton

    Day 5
    Warm-up before the WOD with dynamic warm-up and a 800 meter row. Work on row technique to improve stroke efficiency.
    S-Front Squat 3×5 add 5# from the last training session, Deadlift 3×5 add 10# from the last training session
    C-Tabata Rows 20 secs on/10 secs off-count your lowest meter distance as your score. Focus on maintaining maximum intensity and pace throughout the intervals
    M-Again, work that most limited pattern!



    Darin… really enjoying the workouts. I have sent some Masters from my box to your site after talking to them and working through the workouts. I had to step away from the box for 2 weeks due to a hellacious travel schedule, so your program came *just* in time for me to pick the bar back up! Thanks for the time AND the commitment

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