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    I wrote a blog a while back regarding an article I read regarding eating for performance. I am now convinced more than ever that a “strict” paleo diet doesn’t work for me with performance. I do believe in limiting processed foods, staying away from non-natural sugar sources and eating good quality meats. But what I have noticed is that my performance is better when I have a slight increase in what would be a normal ratio of carbs and I have more volume in my diet. The drawback here is that I have a tendency to gain a little non-essential body mass(body fat). Sometimes I’ll notice a little more difficulty during body weight movements such as handstand push-ups or L-sits, but overall a slightly dirtier diet improves my energy level and power production. This makes sense. Increased readily available sugar, increased glycogen, increased power! I still think good quality fats are crucial and use fat intake for everything it has to offer, but if you read some of the better sources out there, they’ll agree that the paleo or the zone diet exclusively may not be the best for CF style training or competitions. Eat for your health and for performance combined. I tend to eat more readily available carbs before and after training. I feel more recovered and have better performance when I do so. Yes, I am leaner when I eat strict pale, but I “feel” and “perform” better when I don’t. What works for me, may not work for you, but it works.

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