Seminar Series

 FORTIFY – Ridgeland, Mississippi  Masters Training Seminar Series


Friday, July 15, 2016 at 5:30 PM Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 5:00 PM (CDT)

Want to change your life and your fitness? This is the Seminar Series to do it! This seminar was created with master’s athletes specifically in mind. Tired of working out in gyms where you’ve reached a plateau? Then come and join other master’s athletes and learn how to put into place a sustainable fitness program specific to your individual needs! Training is like a prescription, too much and you overtrain, too little and you don’t see enough change. We teach you the why and how to developing a program that will maximize your training and fitness.

FORTIFY takes you from start to finish to get you on track to meeting your fitness and health goals.

  • Seminar Content:

    • Master’s athlete, aging and performance
    • Hormones, body composition and aging-Breakout session
    • Master’s mobility (screening and correction)-Breakout session
    • Nutrition & Supplementation
    • Barbell Training Foundation- building the foundation of strength-Breakout session
    • Programming for strength bias, strength/conditioning, fitness or competition-Breakout session
    • Programming modality, volume, intensity, frequency
    • Recovery & Training
    • Healing through prevention and self awareness
    • Developing a sustainable lifestyle program
  • Participants receive:

    • Performance Evaluation
    • Body Composition Testing
    • Mobility Screening
    • Barbell Training
    • Basic Program Design
    • Seminar T-shirt
    • Access to seminar instructor for Q&A, follow up
    • Group WOD
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All personal improvement starts with knowledge.

Whether it is the knowledge of experience, the most recent scientific evidence or the collective knowledge of the community. 40fit Seminars utilize pragmatic, interactive and practical education to improve the knowledge of masters athletes. No matter what the need of the athlete is, fitness, competitive or elite performance, our courses have something to offer. Review the most recent course selection below.

  • “Great time, great people. It will take me a while to digest all of the information we got. Awesome seminar!” – Steve Graff
  • “Wow! The information we’re getting is so helpful! My brain is in overdrive mode!” – Brenda Albitz
  • “I think I have Delayed Onset Brain Muscle Soreness. Tons of great information that I hope to remember! Thanks for a great weekend. So much fun to WOD with everyone.” – Shannon Leska
  • Wow! Fortify Seminar! Best seminar ever! … Every Masters athlete, whether fitness, recreational/competitive or elite should attend a Fortify Seminar! A week after attending Fortify Seminar at West Chester CrossFit, the info is swirling around my brain as I develop an action plan for longevity and sustainability with my coaches. As you said, Darin, the first thing a Masters athlete should do is educate themselves. At 63 years of age, I did just that when I attended the seminar! So grateful to you, Missy, Shannon, Dean, WCCF & my seminar cohorts for the experience! You changed my life!” – Marilyn Litchfield