Client Experiences


Sarah Boatman

As the CrossFit population gets older and more people with no athletic background see the benefits of CrossFit, Coach D saw the need for one place that all master athletes can get education and support.  40 fit is a dream!

The first time I met Coach D was at the 40fit Masters Competition.  That competition was the most fun and challenging one I have ever experienced.  After that I had to attend the 40fit seminar.  From the assessments to the information provided, it was well worth the time and money.  Having no prior athletic background I learned so much about myself, set realistic goals and learned how I can crossFit well into my golden years.  The information Coach D has gathered over the years needs to be heard by every master athlete and those that coach masters.

After the seminar, Coach D but together a plan based on my assessment that helped with my shoulder issue.  While I still struggle with certain gymnastic movements, the plan he set for me helped me have a 10kg increase in my overhead squat after finishing the first six-week cycle.   Seeing these results has helped me stay focused on what I want out of my fitness.

Thank you, Sarah



Maria Garcia

I participated in all three of the last 40Fit Masters Cup Series comps. What a positive experience it was! Great programming, awesome venue, positive support, and the camaraderie of the master’s community were fabulous! I always felt challenged and I always felt valued as an older athlete. I am truly leaving and living a legacy. Thank you Darin for leading the way for us Masters!


Susan Long

My husband and I met ‪Darin and his amazing staff by attending one of his 40 Fit Masters seminars. We were given a wealth of information and also were encouraged to participate in the 40 Fit Masters Cup Series. I can’t say enough about the experience. The comeradery and support of the Masters community at the 3 competitions was WONDERFUL. The comps were the most organized and efficiently run of any I have attended. All the WODS were challenging but somehow doable. I loved the whole experience and would do it all again.


Russ Brooks



Thank you Coach D for providing us with these types of events, as well as the knowledge you impart on the 40fit website and the under the pull-up bar conversations you are always willing to have. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers that helped put these events on. Top notch people one and all.



Tim Long



We attended the first 40Fit FORTIFY seminar, our first time to meet the 40Fit crew. At the time I had been Crossfitting for about 5 years, was about to turn 55, and starting to really feel my age! The seminar completely re-energized me. Takeaways included re-focusing my training on “Sustainability” for the long term (eg. smart programming, rest/recovery, injury prevention), the importance of improving my mobility/flexibility (they tried hard not to laugh when evaluating my overhead squat!), and a complete revamping of my supplementation for Masters (I had been doing very little before). In the last year I am seeing some real gains in mobility (its a slow process!), some strength improvements, reduction in discomfort (knees), and an improved overall daily energy level. I credit much of it to the real changes made after the FORTIFY seminar.



Melissa Lucas (40fit Sponsored Athlete)


I started CrossFit about 18 months ago. My athletic background to that point had been 30+ years of soccer, some years in the women’s national program, various recreational sports and strength training.

During the 2014 Open I was very new to CrossFit and unfamiliar with the movements. I finished 710 in the world. But I was hooked, and determined to go to the games.

I was selected to enter sponsorship with 40fit by Coach D a little over 6 months ago, and have been training with him since. Attending the Fortify seminar was a fantastic learning experience. Some things were familiar, but training as a masters athlete and supporting that nutritionally was not something I knew a lot about. Coach D’s knowledge in this arena is fantastic. It not only changed the athlete I am, but I am still in touch with many of the folks that attended with me, and they ALL have seen changes and improvements in themselves.

Today I sit at 42 in the world in my age bracket, and don’t feel like I’m finished yet.

If you have not yet attended the Fortify seminar, I highly recommend you get it on your calendar. It’s a game changer.