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Don’t be Afraid to be a Beginner! – Part II

Anyone can exercise, but your goal is to train! It doesn’t matter how new you are to fitness. Your program needs to be goal oriented and have direction. That is the difference between exercise and training. I’ve heard it said that exercise is getting hot, sweaty and tired, and training is purposeful and has outcomes […] Read more

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Don’t be Afraid to be a Beginner! – Part I

Everyone starts something new as a beginner, or otherwise known as a novice. This is no different for the person who wants to start a fitness program and has never really worked out before. The hardest part is getting started! The beginner is defined as, “a person who is inexperienced; novice.” – The term beginner […] Read more

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The Link Between BMI & Longevity…

I think we all have a perspective of what body type or weight we consider healthy or fit. Recently, I have been challenging my own perceptions of visual health and fitness. Through reading several studies on body weight, BMI, health and fitness factors, it has changed how I approach other people inside and outside of […] Read more

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Why Working the “Core” is a Sales Pitch

You here it from trainers, coaches, PT’s, doctors etc…”I am going to give you some “core” exercises or you need to work your core.” Just before having my spine surgery the doctor told me I needed to work my “core” to support my back. I had a 450 lbs one rep max deadlift and could […] Read more