#120 – ALL or NOTHING: Getting Away from the Extremes in Your Health and Fitness

Coach Darin has said it before, humans like to “complicate to validate.” The bigger, faster, more complex, more “science-y,” the better! Right? Likewise, the idea that fitness is an intense, all-in pursuit pervades media and popular training programs. Frankly, it’s exhausting!


Health and fitness doesn’t come easy, and requires hard physical training to obtain and maintain. On the other hand, longevity and sustainability are also part of the game, and demand that you pay attention to your joint and connective tissue health, and spend time pursuing the things that will improve secondary fitness adaptations like balance, mobility, and accuracy. At some level, you also need to have some fun with your training, at least to the point that training is not adding more stress to your life.


Therefore, we preach the path of moderation for your fitness life. We aren’t talking about taking the easy road here — that leads to nowhere! — but we recognize that training can’t always be about chasing numbers and PR’s.


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