#115 – Getting Back Into the Gym After COVID

Coach Charity Hambrick returns to the show to discuss her experience contracting COVID-19 and her slow road to get back into training afterward. Though she contracted COVID back in October 2020, Charity had lingering fatigue and muscle cramps for weeks, and loss of smell that lasted for over three months. Despite the mental blow of losing her training momentum — she had been setting PR’s just prior to getting COVID — Charity has consistently hit the gym and is regaining her strength levels.


It was easy, though, and required a lot of mental fortitude. The mental game, she says, was the hardest part of restarting her training regime. To get herself into the gym when she really didn’t want to, Charity came up with mantras she would say to herself over and over throughout the day. Her favorite is: “I have the power to start this today.” During her training, when things felt hard or grindy, she would remind herself “the hard work will pay off.”


She also focused on process-oriented goals. Instead of trying to get back to her previous PR levels, or hit a prescribed weight in a certain period of time, she focused on just consistently going to the gym. In other words, she focused on the “doing” of training, rather than outcome of training. This kept her coming back to the gym consistently and building training momentum, as well as confidence for completing a goal.


You can find Charity on Instagram at: @charity_silverstrength


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