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The more I trained using various methods, the more I realized there was something missing. I noticed that even though I was significantly more fit than most of my peers, my experience in training was not the same as the “younger crowd.” The higher my fitness level became, the more I realized the value of recovery, nutrition, and tailored programming which I paid less attention to in the past. Now, “sustainability” has become the hallmark of training. Any inexperienced person can make quick and sometimes astonishing gains, but eventually every person has to focus more on the quality and not just the quantity of their training. This is true for any person seeking higher levels of performance, capacity and overall health. 40fit combines the experience of our staff and the collective community to sharpen our game and get the most out of our fitness and keep a balanced, “sustainable” approach to training.


There is a growing number of master’s in our general population and sporting communities. Masters are looking to enrich their lives and improve performance with health and fitness training that meets their specific needs. 40fit fills that essential void with resources that are specific to the life cycle and experiences of masters.


40fit supports a community of people age 40+ with Fitness, Community and Lifestyle resources. The goal is to support performance, lifestyle and quality of life. By combining the resources of evidenced based science, anecdotal experience, and the community at large, masters are challenged to look at aging through a refreshing perspective and reach their maximum genetic potential. 40fit was founded in 2012 and has expanded to meet the needs of all fitness minded masters. Since that time, 40fit has held seminars, community workouts and now is supported by the 40fit Radio Podcast.


Through using the 40fit Radio Podcast, blogging, Facebook and Instagram communities, 40fit is providing masters with real solutions to their fitness, health and lifestyle needs. Coming Soon, we will re-launch the FORTIFY Seminar Series to educate masters with real life solutions to their training needs! These seminars are built for masters of any fitness level! We also coordinate masters community workouts and socials to get together and build relationships of fitness like minded people. If you would like to host a FORTIFY Seminar Series or a 40fit event at your gym or facility, reach out to us at info@40fit.com.

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