#114 – Masters Programming: Volume vs Intensity for Longevity

The last episode of 2020! Thanks for tuning in, and we look forward to keeping the conversation about health and fitness going in the New Year.


In today’s episode, Coach D and Coach Trent discuss the concept of selecting appropriate volume and intensity for a Masters athlete. These are two of the main programming variables, and all athletes need a blend of intensity (heavy-ness) and volume (how many reps) to drive adaptation in their desired physical skill: strength, conditioning, hypertrophy, etc. And in general, both intensity and volume must go up over time to increase the amount of stress and therefore drive more adaptation.


The Masters athlete must walk a fine line, however, between continually driving stress and chasing PR’s and allowing sufficient space in their training for recovery, joint health, and simply “feeling good.” This means that, for most athletes, there must be times of the year where PR’s are NOT the goal, and other fitness goals take precedent.


Thanks again for tuning in. Happy New Year!


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