#15 – Tina Neuwirth, DPT Talks Lifting for Women, Training During Pregnancy

Coach D chats with his partner at Riata Therapy Specialists and fellow Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Tina Neuwirth, about strength training for women, strength training during pregnancy, and how she has built and maintained an excellent physique after 3 kids and over 40 years of life experience.

Tina is a very strong and fit lifter who squats in the mid-200s at 125lbs bodyweight. She has also been active in the Crossfit community. She is a big advocate of the barbell for strength, function, and health, especially for women’s health. Tina trained through all three of her pregnancies, despite some late complications with her first. She believes – and there is ample data supporting her view – that exercise during pregnancy, even barbell training, is healthy for the expecting mother and the baby. Of course, training sometimes has to be modified, but it can be done. For her third pregnancy, Tina followed the Starting Strength model, squatting, pressing, and deadlifting 3x a week. Despite a long 30+ hour labor, her abdominal and pelvic floor strength helped her naturally deliver a healthy, 9lb baby boy.

We’ll have Tina back on the show soon to talk about other women’s issues, so stay tuned!

Shoutout to Tina’s husband Patrick, an excellent metal artist and founder of the Iron Chinchilla furniture and accessory shop!


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