#74 – The Deadlift, or How to Pick Stuff Up and Put It Back Down

From the beginning, man has had a need (and a strange desire) to pick stuff up and put it back down again. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that the deadlift is one of the Big 3 compound lifts that should make up any good training program.


Despite the growing popularity of Crossfit, strongman, and powerlifting in recent years — all of which feature the deadlift as a core element of programming and competition — the deadlift has a negative reputation. This is a shame, because the deadlift is perhaps the most “functional” of all the lifts. Humans have to lift things off the ground all the time, and a properly performed deadlift trains this movement pattern and strengthens the musculature of the back and hips in a safe manner.


The key is properly performed. Unfortunately people do injure their backs doing deadlifts, and inevitably it is because they deadlift with poor mechanics, poor programming, or both.


Coach D and Trent discuss the importance of good deadlift mechanics, walk through the foolproof 5-Step Deadlift Method, and discuss the little details to help you build a stronger back and a more functional body!


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  1. Travis Reid December 4, 2019 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Great episode on the deadlift gentlemen. The Starting Strength five-step process has really helped me to be able to grasp the concept of safe deadlifting. Thanks for the terrific series. I’m looking forward to hearing your next episode about the number one accessory lift!

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