#107 – Regenerative Medicine for the Masters Athlete with Dr. Daniel Clearfield

As we’ve said many times, training for strength improves tissue quality, flexibility, and joint health, especially for Masters lifters who have accumulated some bumps and bruises along the road of life. However, some Masters trainees find that even after they have acquired a solid baseline level of strength, they have lingering issues such as tendonitis/tendonopathy, arthritis, or limited range of motion that cannot be resolved by strength training alone. Enter Dr. Clearfield, DO, board-certified sports medicine physician, and practitioner of regenerative medicine.


The aim of regenerative medicine is to improve tissue health and function using a variety of methods, ranging from traditional osteopathic joint manipulation (a unique feature of DO medical education) to cutting edge stem cell therapies. Dr. Clearfield works with patients to address problems that have proven difficult to solve by typical medical interventions. As he says, he aims to “find health within the body” and use his range of treatments to encourage the body to heal itself, as opposed to stop-gap solutions like steroid injections or more invasive options like orthopedic surgery.


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