#17 – Living Strong Through Seven Decades: Lon Wimberly

Coach D interviews his father-in-law Lon Wimberly, a decorated veteran, outdoorsman, and an overall rugged and vigorous man who embodies the 40fit lifestyle. Lon was a pilot in the Vietnam War, earning  a bronze air medal and 18 oak clusters for his missions.


Despite living a very active lifestyle his whole life, in his seventh decade Lon decided that he needed to get stronger to maintain his function and continue doing the things he loved to do. So, he contacted Darin about learning the barbell lifts and training with the Starting Strength method.


Lon shares some stories about his military service, his civilian career as an aviator, and the fitness and nutrition habits that have allowed him to stay fit and active well into his seventh decade. With his civilian aviation training business Lon has the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting and influential clients, including Bill Galt of the massive Galt ranch in Montana, Vince Gilligan (writer and producer of Breaking Bad, also a fellow aviator), Harrison Ford, and a host of motion picture cameramen and producers.


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