#23 – Surviving Siberia: The Steve Lawson Story, Pt. 1

Coach D invites Dr. Steve Lawson back on the podcast to recount his death-defying journey to Siberia and back. While on a mission to Nigeria, Dr. Lawson contracted cerebral malaria — a particularly deadly expression of the disease — however his symptoms did not manifest until arriving in Siberia a few days later. At this point he quickly descended into a coma, stuck in an under-equipped hospital in Siberia with only his wife and a fellow Russian pastor… neither of whom were allowed to visit him directly.

Most people die within a few days of contracting cerebral malaria sans treatment. Despite the incredible odds, Steve managed to survive for several days longer than that, without the proper medication for treating the disease. He survived long enough for a specialized tropical disease medical team to fly in from France and airlift him to an appropriate facility where he could recover.

Today Dr. Lawson is still recovering from his ordeal, using the barbell to strengthen his body. He credits his miraculous survival to God, and he has gained perspective on the concept of voluntary hardship. What may seem difficult or heavy today is not only trivial in the bigger picture, but a blessing.


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