#35 – “I’m Too (…) to Train”: Ditch Your Excuses and Get Ahead of Your New Years Resolution

Everyone’s got one, and they all stink. We’re not talking about opinions. We’re talking about excuses. As the New Year approaches — and along with it new resolutions and promises to change old habits — it’s easy to imagine yourself six months or a year later with exactly the body you want, performing exactly the skills you want to learn, achieving all your goals… but it doesn’t work like that. Time and time again, people make resolutions and fail, often before the first quarter of the year has come and gone.


Why does this happen? It’s simple, really. Consistency is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to training. Consistency is easy when the year is young, spirits are high, and motivation is plentiful. As soon as life gets busy again, as soon as a setback occurs — travel, sickness, a minor injury — people often miss sessions, and never get back to the consistency they began their training program with.


They come up with excuses to justify missing workouts. Or worse, they hide behind these excuse before ever starting a workout program. We’ve heard them all:

  • I’m too busy to train
  • I’m too tired to train
  • I’m too sick to train
  • I’m too old/injured to train
  • I don’t want to get bulky
  • And so forth…


The problem is, out of the vast, overwhelming number of these excuses, there is no good reason NOT to train. The key to consistency is not motivation, or willpower, it’s simply discipline. Discipline is simply the habit of training, no matter what, especiallywhen you have an excuse. Eventually, the habit takes over and training becomes normal, and consequently, not training becomes abnormal.


Today, that may not be the case for you. That’s ok. Let’s get started right now. Don’t wait until the New Year. Start today. Clear an hour on your schedule, and get started. Refer back to the first ten episodes for the basic overview of how to train if needed. It will be painful at first — not the workout itself, but getting yourself to actually do it — but string along enough workouts and it will simply become a new habit. You may even find you start to enjoy it.


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