#37 – Practical Dieting: Cracking the Code on Bodyfat and Nutrition with Robert Santana, Pt. 2

Robert Santana is back for part 2 of a deep conversation on nutrition, dieting for bodyfat loss, and fostering healthy eating habits for sustainable weight loss. In this episode, Santana breaks down the roles of the macronutrients in a weight loss situation, and explains why carbs are NOT evil (and in fact do not lead to body fat gain). He explains why it’s the combination of high fat and carbohydrate — especially in processed foods — that leads to caloric surplus and, therefore, body fat gain.


He also offers some practical advice for very overweight or obese people who need to lose weight. Santana’s approach favors a moderate reduction in calories to drive weight loss at approximately 1% of total bodyweight per week (so, for a 300lbs person, about 3lbs per week). This has proven to be a sustainable weight loss target in the short term, and ensures that the trainee will see results fairly quickly while, importantly, not keeping them in “diet mode” for too long. At this point, he will hold them steady at their new bodyweight for a month or two before entering a calorie deficit again. This approach serves two purposes: besides the satisfaction of quicker weight loss, it teaches the trainee how to alter their eating habits to effect a caloric deficit, and it teaches them how to sustain their bodyweight during the maintenance phase. During each phase of the diet, Santana focuses his clients’ efforts on developing good habits, one at a time, rather than counting macros.


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