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If you’re looking for all things Masters fitness…you have found the right resource! The 40fit Radio Podcast discusses all things fitness based on evidence, content experts and the community at large for masters aged individuals…

Meet the Hosts

Darin Deaton

The founder of 40fit and the 40fit Radio podcast, Darin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy,Barbell Logic Online Coaching, USAW Sports Performance Coach and Certified Trainer. He has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness space and brings evidenced based, sustainable, practical solutions to the masters community.

Trent Jones

Trent is an avid strength training follower and producer of all things creative and musical. Trent produces all of the creative elements of the podcast and is the genius behind the music and sound. He is working toward his Starting Strength Coach certificate and interns with Starting Strength Online Coaching. He is also a regular lifting competitor in the USSF and has qualified for Nationals.

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#22 – Log Your Training! On Paper

Journals aren’t just for recording your feelz… they are a useful training tool too. Even in today’s frenzied technology age, good old pen and paper are the best tools for logging your training and developing a deeper understanding of how well your training is driving you toward your […]

#23 – Surviving Siberia: The Steve Lawson Story, Pt. 1

Coach D invites Dr. Steve Lawson back on the podcast to recount his death-defying journey to Siberia and back. While on a mission to Nigeria, Dr. Lawson contracted cerebral malaria — a particularly deadly expression of the disease — however his symptoms did not manifest until arriving in […]

#25 – Are You Overtraining? Part 1: The Signs and Symptoms

In the first ten episodes — the “Foundations” series – we discussed the Stress Recovery Adaptation cycle, a simple yet powerful model that describes how organisms, including ourselves, adapt to stressors in their environment. It also helps us understand howwe go about creating the change we want in our bodies. There must be […]

#26 – Are You Overtraining? Part 2: Prevention and Treatment

Last week Coach D discussed the signs and symptoms of overtraining. Today he talks about strategies for preventing overtraining and treating it when it does happen.


  1. Nutrition– this is one area that blocks the progress of many novice trainees. Your eating habits need to support your training. First and foremost, make sure you […]

#27 – Sleep Is for the Strong: How to Improve Your Sleep Habits

There’s a saying that goes “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Well if you don’t sleep, you might be dead sooner than you like! We all know intuitively that sleep is very important, and this intuition has been reinforced by the volumes of data […]

#30 – The Value of Competition

Competition is deeply woven into the fabric of our world. It drives the animal and plant kingdoms; it is the very beating heart of Nature. Removed as we are from physical competition in the modern world — our survival needs long ago taken care of by industrialization — it’s easy to become disconnected […]

#32 – Coach, Trainer, or Babysitter? What Makes a Real Coach

Coach D discusses a recent experience observing the “coaches” at a highly regarded (and premium priced) gym while training on the road. These coaches, while well-intentioned, often serve as little more than rep-counters and, essentially, babysitters for their clients, in the absence of a clear, logical training model, intelligent programming for their clients’ […]

#33 – Lower Back Pain, Pt. 4: Exercise Intervention

Trent and Coach D return for round 4 of the series on lower back pain, wrapping up the topic with a meaty discussion about exercise for treating chronic low back pain as well as acute pain from injury.


As mentioned in previous episodes, it’s very important to first get […]

#34 – Training Out of Your Element

Coach D and Coach Trent discuss how routine and habits can impact your mindset and sometimes get in the way of good training. As the saying goes, humans are creatures of habit, and that holds true for training. Whether it’s a pair of lucky underwear, a rocking tune, or doing the haka before […]

#39 – How We Get Stronger, Faster, and More Enduring: The SRA Cycle

Last episode we posed the question: why do our workouts have to be so hard? The scientific answer to this question lies in the concept of the stress-recovery-adaptation cycle, or SRA cycle, derived from Hans Selye’s work in the first half of the twentieth century. Simply put, in order to generate an adaptation, […]

#40 – How Strong Is Strong Enough?

It’s an innocent question… when is strong, strong enough? For most people, the answer is never. They will never be strong enough. Because most people aren’t actually training, and if they are training they are not training for strength. Those of us in the 40fit Nation aren’t most people […]

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