#42 – Strong Shoulders Pt. 1: The Anatomy of A Strong Shoulder

After lower back pain, shoulder issues might just be the most common form of injury and aches and pains experienced in the gym and on the field. When you consider the anatomy and physiology of this complex joint, it’s no surprise. The shoulder is a somewhat delicate ball-and-socket joint, loosely slung by a capsule of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and muscle. Yet it’s delicate nature allows for tremendous range of motion, one of the largest ranges in the human body, and allows us to take advantage of our dextrous hands.


Shoulder aches and pains are just a reality of human existence. Injuries, however, are not. And if we want to build strong, healthy, injury-free shoulders, we need a basic understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder joint. Coach D breaks down the basic components of the shoulder, how they function, and why this important when it comes to shoulder training and health.


In Part 2, we will discuss common injuries of the shoulder, and in Part 3, strategies for managing pain, rehabbing injuries, and training  considerations for long-term shoulder health.


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