#46 – What Is Your Why? Finding Your Motivation for Fitness

Coach D and Trent discuss their motivations for training and living a healthy lifestyle, as well as what draws people to the gym. Most people understandably begin their fitness journey out of a desire to look better in the mirror, to “look good naked” as Darin likes to say. This is a fine goal, and one we probably all share to some extent, but people that end up sticking with it, that end up training for months, years, and decades, usually do it for a higher purpose.


What is this higher purpose? It’s a spectrum, with different answers for different people. At 40fit Radio, we are essentially centrists when it comes to training. We train all aspects of fitness, focusing first on the best “bang for the buck” training modalities — like barbell training — with the philosophy of doing things that will improve our ability to perform in the real world and feel good at the same time. In other words, we train today so that we can train a decade from now, and more importantly, do the things we like to do in life a decade from now.


Others may find fulfillment in competition and athletic achievement. They accept the chance of injury or loss of function in the future, for the ability to achieve excellence in their chosen sport today. These people have the mind of an athlete, and we respect their drive and dedication.


Other people, like Coach Trent, end up finding purpose in the act of training itself, rather than the goals. They find a sense of calm, balance, and perspective in the process of training, in the objective outcomes. They strive for mastery and perfection, knowing they cannot achieve it, but find value in the journey.


Whatever your purpose, it’s important to understand the “why” driving your training. Be honest with yourself. Don’t train for the things you think other people want — train for you. Find your place in the spectrum and occupy it with pride.


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