#63 – Women & Healthy Aging: Balancing Competition, Fun, and Health with JoJo Brinton

Today our good friend JoJo Brinton — a crossfitter and strength athlete — joins Trent and Coach D to talk about her fitness journey from YMCA aerobics to Crossfit to barbell training. In her late 40’s, JoJo is a model of healthy aging — strong, lean, and cardiovascularly fit for just about anything. However her fitness has not always come easily, as she sustained some knee injuries during sports requiring surgery (and will eventually require joint replacement). Through her fitness journey she has learned the value of strength and balancing recreational activity in a way that allows her to have fun while keeping her health and function high.


As we first discussed in episode #40 – How Strong Is Strong Enough? there is a line where training crosses over from a healthy pursuit to an unhealthy one. This is line is usually drawn over competition — a lifter training for general health and fitness decides to compete in a strengthlifting meet, and the focus shifts from general health to performance, for instance. The competitor takes calculated risks in pursuit of performance, and one of those risks is the chance for injury and general wear and tear that may reduce function later in life. For the competitor this bargain is clear, and competition brings them value beyond recreational fitness that makes the whole endeavor worth it.


Many people are drawn to “competitive” recreational activities, whether it’s sport, Crossfit, or other high-impact physical activities. While these can be great fun, they are often high-impact events, with physical contact, explosive movements, and high demands for both strength and cardiovascular fitness. In your teens and 20’s, jumping right into an Ultimate frisbee game or a week of downhill skiing is no problem, but going into your 40’s and 50’s… there may a price to pay without preparation. We’re NOT saying you should give up your favorite sports and activities! But a smart 40fit athlete preparesfor these sports and activities by trainingin a systematic manner, prioritizing strength first.


You can follow JoJo and her exploits on Instagram @strongboymomma.


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