#76 – Accessorize Your Program with… Accessory Lifts!

Happy New Year folks!


We LOVE the big compound lifts, but sometimes you need a little more in your training. Or maybe you need a little extra recovery between heavy bouts of training. In both scenarios, accessory lifts can be used to fill the gaps, increasing the volume of work you’re performing each training cycle without dipping too far into your recovery resources.


There are 1,001 accessory lifts we could talk about, so today’s episode focuses on the reasons you should incorporate accessory lifts into your training, how to program them, and a few of our favorite accessories.


Remember, accessories are just that… accessories! They should be used to support and augment the compound lifts, not as a substitute for them! The majority of your strength training career (like 75-80% of it) should focus on mastering and executing the Big Lifts.


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