#87 – Getting in Shape for the Hunting Season with Jay Presti

Coach D and Trent talk with hunter, marksman, and former professional cowboy Jay Presti about beginning strength training to stay strong and healthy for his high country hunts around the world. Jay and his partner Crystal operate Blue Collar Adventures, a television show on the Pursuit Channel that showcases their exotic hunts.


Jay frequently hunts in remote locations with difficult terrain and high elevations. In addition to hunting gear, he carries cameras, batteries, and the other equipment needed to film his show — all of which adds up to a heavy pack! Clearly, developing a higher strength base would make the logistics of navigating his hunts much easier.


So, Darin and Trent will be coaching Jay to lift barbells and get stronger over the next three months in preparation for Jay’s 2020 hunting season. We’ll be documenting the process, so stay tuned for a follow up episode in a few months!


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