#99 – Stalling Out on Linear Progression? EAT MORE FOOD!

Coach D and Trent are back after a short break to talk about some trainee’s reluctance to increase their calories while barbell training and conditioning. Perhaps driven by a fear of “getting fat,” some trainees try to restrict their calories, particularly their carbohydrate intake, during the novice linear progression, frequently causing them to stall early on the program and fail to make body composition changes.


While Darin and Trent have covered the science before in the episodes with Robert Santana, the psychological barrier to eating more calories remains. As Trent points out, once you decide to begin training with barbells, you are no longer a normal person — you are an athlete. So, you need to eat like an athlete! You can’t expect to eat like the people around you who may be sedentary and don’t train.


Lift heavy, build strength and muscle, and the body composition will come. But along the way you must eat to fuel the process!


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