Day 1 of 40fit Programming, let the madness begin!


It’s here! Today is the first day of posting for 40fit programming. Don’t be surprised if my brain doesn’t explode from trying to figure out how to best get this stuff out there and have it make sense. I constantly battle between being a clinical scientist and a coach/trainer and how to balance the two. So, hopefully the ramblings of this mad scientist will make sense.

As a stepping of point, we first must all be on the same page. When thinking about programming for fitness or GPP, I think it is important to know three things and know them well. 1) Where you’re are starting at 2) Where you’re going if nothing changes  3) Where you want to go! To start a strength and conditioning program without this knowledge lacks wisdom and is poor planning. Here is what I see with most CF or fitness boxes, athletes/members come into the door, they go through some level of basic elements training and then they hit the ground running doing wods! Then when wods come up that need to be scaled that employ heavy strength movements or strength training shows up, they have no idea where to start. This is a crazy, doesn’t make sense, and sabotages the process of human performance, but it is the way of most gyms.

So, here is where we are starting today. We will assess basic mobility through screens and then determine 1 and 3 RM loads for specific strength movements. This will then allow us to develop mobility training for deficient areas and set initial loads for strength  movements and scaling if needed for wods. All human movement is influenced by either MOBILITY and/or STABILITY. Athletes either have adequate mobility/stability or can have more of one and not enough of another. Stability can be influenced by active/dynamic and/or static elements. Active being muscular support, neural movement patterns and static elements being ligamentous joint stability and bone structure. In other words, stability can be decreased due to a lack of strength or a lax joint. Mobility can be influenced by similar elements. Without a balance of STABILITY and MOBILITY, human movement suffers.

Since I am not there at your box, and you are not here, you will have to rely on the eyes of your coach and or training partner to assess your mobility for the following movements; multi-segmental flexion, extension, rotation, overhead squat, and upper extremity movement patterns. I will post video links later today and tomorrow to assist you and your coach with this process. The difficulty here is that the assessment does take a keen eye and understanding of human movement and its accuracy will be based on what local resource you have in coaching. These screens can become very complicated but we are going to attempt to keep them simple to catch the major movement pattern problems. We will work on this for the next 5 days, develop a mobility health standard and then first of next week perform 1 RM/3RM. The start of this process will be slow, but once we have this basic data, we can then kill some wods! Don’t shortcut the process! This will be time consuming, but well worth the effort!


Mobility Screen WOD 101

Watch the Multi-Segmental flexion, extension and rotation videos

Watch the overhead videos

Watch the upper extremity movement pattern videos

After viewing the videos and performing the movements with your coach or training partner, record the information requested in the video. It may also be helpful to video with an iPad, iphone, etc to have a record of your movement before implementing the fixes. Once you have recorded the information, the deficient movement areas, you need to start “fixing” those areas as part of your program.

Each WOD that we program, will have warm-up, WOD, then mobility work. So, hopefully you will find a fix for your movement through this process. We will address the most common mobility issues through training, but until your specific mobility issue is resolved, you may have to scale movements and loads. Contact me directly if needed.

Video links will be posted later today and tomorrow, so let’s get started. If you have questions that would benefit the community when answered, post them here on the comments of this post or on the 4TFiT facebook page!

Coach D


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