40fit Mastering Mobility Above the Hinge

This is a two part blog series on functional mobility above and below the hinge. What is the hinge you might ask? Human movement is multi-angular, dimensional, rotational, up and down, side to side, in and out. But human movement can basically be broken down into movement above the hip level and below the hip level. Today we review mobility above the hinge and some basic movement patterns for warm-up and cool down that when performed daily can have a huge impact on training movements and patterns. Watch the video link but remember that every aspect of a solid fitness program should possess several characteristics to be successful. These characteristics are; Consistent, Useful, Functional, Measurable.

40fit Mastering Mobility Above the Hinge!

Using dynamic, static, static-contract mobility interventions, destroy your mobility deficits with consistent effort! When applying these mobility techniques, perform them regularly daily or even 2x a day, do the ones that are useful for your needed mobility impairments, apply to functional movements, and measure your progress.

Don’t expect overnight results! Mobility is supported by flexibility and strength, and both take time to gain. For most, I would expect 6-12 weeks of regular mobility work to see measurable results.


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