40fit Masters Cup Series – Game I – Success!

BannerIt is without a doubt one of the most rewarding things to see something to come from dream to reality. The growth of the 40fit Masters Community combined with the first 40fit Masters Cup Series is a dream that now is real! We had 100 masters competitors from 35 to 65 years of age compete yesterday in 3 WOD’s! What a great day of fitness, competition, and fellowship with other masters athletes.

On behalf of myself, my wife Michele, and all those who represent 40fit and CrossFit Fort Worth, we want to say thank you to all the competitors and vendors that made our first event a HUGE success! But I would like to personally thank the following people, Shannon Kellum-Event Director, Clayton Martin-Lead Judge, Ruby Medina-Scoring, Reed Kellum, Emily Meager-Athlete Liaison, Carlos Quintero/Casey Ellsworth-Equipment Managers,our judging team, equipment team, and Kirby Chatterly-Photographer. Without these people and several others, the masters cup would not have been a success. We had over 30 volunteers to make this first event run smoothly and give to the community something they could be proud of!

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors and vendors who gave of their products, services, time and resources to support our community;

Tier One – Ryan Young – www.tieroneequipment.com
Pro-Anox – www.proanox.com
Riata Therapy Specialists Sports Medicine – www.riatatherapy.com
Evergreen Sports Chiropractic – www.evergreenchirotx.com
Ryan Tibball – Extreme endurance & Advocare – ryan@crossfit817.com
SRS-Sport Recovery Systems – Jeff & Lynda Schmidt – www.sportsrecoverysystems.com
Dyer Attire – www.shop.dyerattire.com
Isopure – Tomas Razo – trazo@naturesbest.com
Chris Bohlin Desgins -http://chrisbohlin.carbonmade.com
Trails Natural Soaps – www.trailsnatural.com
Momentum Jump Ropes – Robert Smith – http://momentum-gear.com
Exclamations Emroidery – Michele Deaton – md3deaton@yahoo.com
Anderson Powerlifting – Ken Anderson – kenander130@yahoo.com
Masters Apparel – www.mastersapparel.com
40fit – www.40fit.com
Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning-CrossFit Fort Worth – www.crossfitftw.com

Wow, what a team we had to support our athletes and create a great vendor area and event. These vendors and sponsors represent the BEST of products, services and resources to help you with your training, health and fitness needs.

We will continue to support our community with quality competitions, evidenced based information to support your fitness, health and lifestyle and a gathering place for all things masters! Event photos will be posted to the Facebook event page @ https://www.facebook.com/events/351832631632476/?ref_dashboard_filter=calendar

We look forward to seeing all of our competitors back at the next 40fit Masters Cup Series Game II, which will be held October 18, 2014.

With a happy heart and big smile, thanks…

Coach D


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