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The more I trained using various methods, the more I realized there was something missing.  I noticed that even though I was significantly more fit than most of my peers, my experience in training was not the same as the “younger crowd.” The higher my fitness level became, the more I realized the value of fitness and lifestyle factors that I paid less attention to in the past. This is true for almost any athlete seeking higher levels of performance and capacity. Any inexperienced athlete can make quick and sometimes astonishing gains.

40fit programming is based on my own personal experiences as an athlete, evidenced based science and the collective experiences of the community. The programming model is a conjugate of these inputs and represents an adaptive construct to support the maximum genetic potential of each individual athlete. There is no one system that can meet the needs of all individuals, and anyone who would tell you otherwise is selling something for the purposes of selling something. The programming in the training model will constantly change and be a work in progress. We will not follow fads or training techniques just because someone else recommends them or they have become sexy. The foundation of any training should be based on what works, not what sells. I know that puts us at a significant disadvantage to spread the word, but I hope that the results of those who engage in our training will be evidence enough. The overall structure of programming is more important than the specific exercises. Not to say that some exercises aren’t better than others, but the volume, frequency, duration, and progression of the programming creates the foundation for everything else to work within.

There is no cost associated with using the masters programming. Individuals can request personalized programming on a fee for service basis. Competition programming is also available.

I must stress that if you want to be a competitive athlete, and you have already developed a significant base of fitness that is at an intermediate to advanced level, you should follow personalized or competitive programming! Athletes that have developed higher levels of performance should be ranking in the top 10% of their classes either on an open, regional or world level.

Masters Programming Model

Programming is a conjugated model supported by the following principles;

Masters athletes should train in a method that reflects their age, genetic potential, environment and desired goals.

Programming should be consistent with the lifespan, experience and potential of the athlete and should progress from general to specific based on these factors

Mobility and stability are the two most important determinants to human movement

Mobility and stability have an inter-relationship and must be balanced

General physical preparedness (GPP) and fitness are the primary goal and competitive fitness is secondary

Strength and mobility are the foundation for all other fitness factors, which include power, endurance, stamina, balance, agility, coordination, accuracy

Programming Structure

Weekly programming is for general fitness (GPP) and based on;

5-6 days per week of training

No more than 3 HIIT (CrossFit style workouts)

Mobility/Flexibility performed daily and then tapered as needed

Strengthening movements for both barbell and weightlifing performed 4-5 days per week (clean, snatch, jerk, squats, presses, bench press, deadlifts, thrusters, etc…)

Mono-structural endurance workouts 2 days per week

Training Interval Structure

2 on – 1 off

3 on – 1 off

3 on – 2 off

5 on- 2 off

All training should be supported by proper diet/nutrition/supplements, rest, and recovery, and training should be modified if fitness and lifestyle markers are not being positively affected. A general sense of wellness should be perceived when the program is being applied correctly to an athlete. Your specific on/off cycle should be directed by how your body recovers. A sense of readiness and positive adaptation should be present with whatever on/off cycle you choose. Programming will start with a basic foundation of mobility and strength. Without mobility, movement tolerances and mechanics are affected and aches/pains start showing up that don’t need to be there. Each athlete should also focus on basic barbell strength work for improvement in not only strength but tissue acceptance to dynamic loads.


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  1. Pat Kasperitis May 21, 2013 at 9:27 am - Reply

    I appear to be one of the few over-40 athletes currently at my box. And the coaches seem ill-prepared for my needs. Your “masters programming” paradigm may fit the bill for me. Where can I get more details on the program?

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