Fitness is bigger than CrossFit, but CrossFit is part of our Fitness

As I follow the recent stories posted on the internet about the dangers of crossFit, or “why I don’t crossFit,” or it’s a cult, etc…, I find it classical human nature that individuals react in the manner they do. Through self preservation of their own egos, rationalization of their own failure or due to other misguided reactions, they try to discredit one thing or another. In this particular situation, it is CrossFit. Let’s just be clear, my fitness, your fitness, everyone’s fitness for that matter, is bigger than CrossFit. But, CrossFit is part of my fitness. Keeping an open and educated mind and an innate sense of self awareness should lead us to what we should be doing to impact our health and fitness.
Here are some relatively simple facts. Any exercise can be dangerous if it truly is exercise. Any fitness program or sport can be almost cult like if it has the dynamic of the “community” mixed with the power of competition and self improvement. But, isn’t that what we’re here for? Something that enriches our life and also helps us reach our goals. In general, there are two types of critics, one who comes from within or one from without. The critic on the inside on many occasions has been wronged, led by poor leadership, failed due to their own shortcomings or been hurt. Their natural reaction is to then step out and spend their time trying to discredit where they came from. The other critic comes from the outside. Most of the time they haven’t done their homework and try to discredit what they don’t understand because it threatens their own existence or paradigm. This is a prolific concept in the world of academia. I love the statement I heard years ago, “what most people are not up on, their down on!” Our goal should be to separate the truth from the lies. let me tell you, there are lots of lies out there. Why do we have to argue about this or that? I respect your right to do what you want to do, do the same with mine. training in colorado darin
So, when I see stories of this or that in regards to crossFit or anything else for that matter, I’m not surprised. I do believe that it is important that we always look at anything in our lives with an open perspective, look at the facts and consider other options. This leads me back to the fact that our fitness is bigger than crossFit. Your health, your fitness, your longevity is bigger than one form of training or exercise, it has to be. That means that trying other things, considering other training methods and constantly updating your knowledge are key. So, get out there and expand your vision and try something new, yoga, climbing, muay thai, swimming, boarding, etc….

Coach D


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