Gluten on the mind…

Here is a very interesting study that was performed which shows that gluten can actually hinder cerebral blood flow. The study was originally done in 1997, then repeated in 2004. Both times there was a distinct correlation between gluten sensitivity and hypoperfusion (decreased blood flow) of the frontal cortex. The study was performed on individuals who were susceptible to wheat and had a history of schizophrenia, as well as individuals who did not have gluten sensitivity and were healthy.

The author feels that the hypopefusion in “susceptible” individuals can cause a decrease in the “executive functioning” area of their brain, which could cause them to have a difficult time choosing between ‘good’ actions and ‘bad’ actions.

He also states that it may”override and suppress socially unacceptable responses”. I agree that the “post-carb haze” is very real, but I’m not sure I would agree with all the author’s statements completely! His final statement “abstaining from it (wheat) should be a reasonable precautionary behavior, assuming we want to retain these critical functions related to morality, cognizance, and social responsibility”.

Interesting that he feels that wheat can cause so many detrimental effects. I do not believe that wheat is the downfall of the human race, causing us to be socially unacceptable or less moral. Although I do believe that gluten & wheat are not staples that should be included in our diets. This is also consistent with the recommendations of most paleo diet experts.

Coach Lynda


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