Traveling and maintaining fitness…

I saw a member of one of our gyms the other day, whom I hadn’t seen in a while. His work schedule requires that he travel 90% of the time. As we caught up with what was going on, he stated that he was never in such good shape as he was when he trained with us for 6 months before he started traveling so much. I then gave him some general recommendations and suggested that just because he travels, he doesn’t have to “give up” living healthy and getting fit. I think there are 3 general principles that have to be in play before you can execute a traveling fitness program. Here they are!

* Make a commitment to your fitness wherever you are or whatever your schedule
* Have a plan and plan ahead
* Keep it simple

Make a commitment to make fitness and health part of your “lifestyle.” For many, fitness is not their life, sorry CrossFit family, but it muse become part of your lifestyle for maintenance and health. Without a commitment to get it done at least 3-4x a week, your schedule gets busy and things get in the way.

Have a plan to train and eat healthy while traveling or away and plan ahead. Take training equipment so that when you see it will remind you to train, a jump rope, wrist wraps, running or lifting shoes, grips, and some workout apparel. Think ahead of where you are going and staying and find out what facilities they have, do a drop in at a local box, and research what the community is like around your place of stay to maybe run or sprint. Also, check out what restaurants are in the hotel and or what’s around the area. Take your supplements and any other specific recovery or nutrition resources you need. When I travel, I don’t have a problem eating as good as I want or getting workouts in. But again, I think it relies on making and commitment and most of all, planning ahead!

Last, keep it simple! If you are not going to drop in at a local affiliate, have 5-10 simple workouts written down and ready to go! If you’re one not to want to design your own workouts go to,, and don’t worry you won’t run out of WOD’s to do. Set a schedule of when you are going to train. Also, this is an excellent time to work skill, handstands, L-sits, double under’s, etc….

Happy trails…

Coach D



  1. Bev May 20, 2014 at 11:13 am - Reply

    Love the new site. Great design and great info!

    • Darin Deaton May 21, 2014 at 8:53 pm - Reply

      Thanks Bev! Working on functionality, stuff that improves our community!

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